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Updates to the ICF Code of Ethics

When the current version of the ICF Code of Ethics went into effect in January 2020, the Ethical Interpretative Statements were created as a supplemental resource to help ICF professionals better understand the code. Since its creation, this dynamic resource has been periodically updated. This year, to streamline the focus of this resource, significant revisions will be made.

Moving forward, the Ethical Interpretive Statements will now be known as the ICF Insights and Considerations for Ethics (ICE). It is being developed with the goal of providing a dynamic resource representative of prevailing standards on the ethical issues addressed. Revisions to the existing resource will be made throughout the coming year.

Visit our website to see the updates that have already started.

If you have comments, ideas, or questions regarding the Insights and Considerations for Ethics (ICE), please send them to support@coachingfederation.org.

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