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Updated ICF Credentialing Exam to Launch in Early 2022

ICF Credentials and Standards is excited to announce it will launch an updated ICF Credentialing exam in early 2022. The updated exam will feature approximately 200 scenario-based, multiple choice questions designed to assess a coach’s knowledge and ability to apply the ICF Core Competencies.

This exam will be offered through a more secure delivery format that increases the credibility and integrity of the exam and meets global standards for professional certification.

With this new exam, ICF Credentials and Standards is enhancing the quality of the ICF Credentialing process and preserving and increasing the value of ICF Credentials today and for years to come.

You can learn more here.

Comments (10)


    Are credentialing exams for ACC and PCC different set of questions?

  2. Jerry Essary says:

    As a director of two coach training programs I would appreciate a more definitive date for when the new test will begin. It is hard to keep telling students it is changing but ICF doesnt know when. It is also trying to guess what test the student will take…old core competencies or new. Thanks.

    • Laura Shrake says:

      Hi Jerry,
      Thank you for this feedback. I have passed it along to the ICF Credentials and Standards team, and you can reach out directly to that team by visiting the ICF Support page here.
      Thank you!

  3. iuliia.kochyna@gmail.com says:

    Hello, any update on when the updated test is going to launch?

    • Tiffany Hafendorfer says:

      Hello Julia. Thanks for reaching out. According to our Credentialing and Standards department – the updated ICF Credentialing exam is scheduled to launch in quarter 2 of 2022.

  4. Margaret Huang says:

    I am ready to get my ACC credential. I want to take the updated ICF Coach Knowledge Assessment, but your delay in making the new CKA available is problematic. I really don’t understand it since the new core competencies have been known for quite some time now. In fact, the instructors in my coaching class used the revised core competencies to teach our class.

    Because ICF is not grandfathering anyone from the existing test, I would not want to take the current CKA to get my ACC. But even if I did, when I was ready to upgrade my credentials from ACC to PCC, I would have to pay for and take the new test. That seems a bit wasteful and unproductive.

    For those who want to obtain PCC level certification eventually, this delayed transition means we must either take TWO different WKA tests or wait for several months for our ACC qualification until your new test becomes available. It is an extremely disappointing way to begin membership with the ICF.

    • Tiffany Hafendorfer says:

      Hello Margaret,

      Thanks so much for reaching out. We look forward to working with you in the credentialing process! We appreciate your feedback and understand your frustration regarding the upcoming launch of a new ICF Credentialing exam.

      ICF Credentials and Standards follows the highest global standards for the development and testing of new certification exams, which includes administering a pilot exam and detailed psychometric analysis of pilot exam data to ensure that the certification exam is valid, reliable, fair, and defensible prior to implementation. We are pleased to report that we have recently completed a global pilot of the updated ICF Credentialing exam that reflects and integrates the updated Core Competencies. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic impacted our timelines for the administration of this pilot exam, however we are now conducting psychometric analysis of the pilot data and look forward to launching the updated ICF Credentialing exam very soon. While we regret the inconvenience this may have caused, we remain committed to providing a high quality credentialing process and exam, which includes pilot testing as an essential element.

      If you currently meet the ACC Credentialing requirements, you may certainly apply now, or wait until the new ICF Credentialing exam launches this year, depending on your preference.

      If you have any additional questions – please feel free to reach out directly to support@coachingfederation.org. Thank you!

  5. zeina.habib7@gmail.com says:

    I have been ACC certified for 3 years and need to either
    1- renew in August
    2- Apply for PCC

    Do I have to take the new test for either cases if I do it in June of 2022?

    • Tiffany Hafendorfer says:

      Hello Zeina! Thanks so much for reaching out. I asked our VP of Credentials and Standards and this was her response:

      We anticipate that the new Credentialing exam will launch at the very end of June or very early July – we are working to finalize the date right now.

      To renew an ICF Credential, it is not necessary to complete the exam. However, if this individual would like to upgrade their credential to PCC, they would need to take the new Credentialing exam if they submit their application after the launch date. If they submit a PCC application in early June, they would not have to complete the new exam.

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