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Circle of Distinction Honoree: Teri-E Belf, MCC

Posted by Savannah Patton | October 30, 2018 | Comments (0)

The ICF Circle of Distinction program celebrates the best of the coaching profession and ICF. Circle of Distinction members are experienced coach practitioners who have made their mark on ICF and the coaching profession. This year, ICF inducted the first Circle of Distinction class during the 2018 ICF Midwest Region Coaches Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. In the coming weeks, we will profile each of this year’s honorees here on Coaching World.

Teri-E Belf, MCC (USA), has built her coaching career on an intense commitment to applying self-reflection, personal growth and lessons learned to her business. Belf recognizes and appreciates the value of coaching and takes it seriously, but says that remembering to take a lighthearted, joyful approach is a must.

“I am proud to be an ICF Member, having been in the profession even before ICF was a worldwide organization. I remember standing up with passion pulsing through me telling a group of 250-plus coaches that we needed to create a profession. When I looked at the president and heard him say, ‘OK Teri-E, do it,’ I knew something amazing and wonderful would emerge. And it did,” she said.

Reflecting on her favorite parts of coaching with spirit over the years, Teri-E told a story about a client who believed she was just so ordinary and there was nothing Teri-E could do to convince her otherwise. A seasoned MCC, Teri-E tried one of her more “out-there” tactics.

“My training had not prepared me for this. I found myself moving toward my Tinkerbell wand. (I have many gadgets and toys in my office.) I felt as if something was moving in me and telling me what to do and say. I followed the urge and asked my client if she was willing to kneel in front of me. She did. I took the wand and tapped her left shoulder lightly and said, ‘You are ordinary.’ Then I tapped her right shoulder saying the same thing. Then I went back to her left shoulder and said, ‘Here is an extra-ordinary.’ We both stopped and looked at each other, eyes widening, and began laughing so hard. She redubbed herself ‘Extra-ordinary,’ and that was that.” Teri-E said.

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Savannah Patton

Savannah Patton is the ICF Communications Assistant and a freelance writer for Kentucky Sports Radio. She graduated in May 2016 from the University of Kentucky with a bachelor's degree in Integrated Strategic Communications with a focus in Public Relations.

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