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HAPPENING NOW: International Coaching Week (ICW): May 13-19
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ICW 2024: Celebrate ICW Next Week

It’s almost here! International Coaching Week (ICW) 2024 starts next week, runnging from May 13-19. Join us this weeklong global celebration of the power and impact of professional coaching.

First — if you haven’t already — consider hosting your own ICW 2024 event. Every day, individuals and organizations around the world seek coaching to help them explore their potential and reach their goals. Help them experience the possibilities that coaching offers.

And don’t forget to make time for yourself! Now’s a good time to find and register for the events you want to attend. You’ll find a diverse range of webinars, conferences, workshops, panel discussions, public coaching demonstrations, and pro bono sessions.

Check out the ICW Event Calendar

ICW 2024 is a terrific opportunity to connect, learn, and celebrate with your fellow coaches. And remember, ICW is not just for the coaching community — it’s also a great way to introduce coaching to the general public. So, spread the word by sharing the ICW Event Calendar link far and wide.

We’ll be looking for you next week at ICW 2024! #CoachingWeek

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