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Dream Big and Be Accountable

Posted by José Augusto Figueiredo, ACC | October 17, 2017 | Comments (3)

Hello colleagues!

It has been a great pleasure to meet several of you in Washington, D.C. at Converge 17!

When I talk to you, and I look at our people, chapters and regions in light of the context in which we live, what comes to my mind is the word accountability.

Curiously, it is a word that does not have a clear representation of real meaning in my native language.

By exploring the meaning of this word a little more, I have discovered that the meaning that touches me most is linked to account, that is, a person who is accountable. In addition to being responsible, he or she must account for their attitudes (or indifference), decisions and choices. You should take the focus off your belly button and look at the other, at the world.

I know we have a lot of experience in this area because we experience this by supporting the leaders who are our clients in coaching, and maybe I am “raining in the wet,” as we say in Brazil. No matter…I would like to expand this reasoning!

When I look at the context of the world we live in, I perceive an enormous anxiety in trying to participate in everything—to give contributions, to discuss possibilities, to participate, to help. Perhaps I have an unconscious search for recognition through others or perhaps the desire to make a difference unpretentiously—it does not matter!

As influencers and opinion makers, we need to be held accountable by our community, be it local, regional or global.

It sometimes seems that business leaders (our clients) and government have more responsibility than we do. They should be accountable in all the challenges we face. I believe we can assume equal or greater responsibility! We need to believe and take this responsibility. Individually we work with leaders around the world. We make a difference through coaching, and we must be accountable and bold in doing more. As a community, we are unbeatable! I do not know among other professions a class that competes in the market and is so united and cooperative in the defense of our cause.

I would like to invite you to reflect on this challenge of being more accountable as individuals and as a community. To believe that we will influence decisions that affect the geography of investments in the world, that we will deactivate missiles, that we will open borders for refugees, that we will help the best to be elected, and that we will also support simple people to realize their potential as a person. Dream big and be accountable for what we are!

Landing a little…October has arrived, and we start ICF strategic discussions on the board—the anxiety increases! A world of possibilities! Designing a more excellent, daring, influential ICF that elevates our profession and embracing coaching from its diverse perspectives will be the commitment of this board. We will be accountable for this!

Thank you for the support and dedication of all in building a community that gives us pride in belonging!

Warmest regards,

José Augusto Figueiredo, ACC
2017 ICF Global Board Director

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José Augusto Figueiredo, ACC

José Augusto Figueiredo, ACC, has more than two decades of multinational business experience. He is currently president for Lee Hecht Harrison in Brazil and Executive Vice President for LHH in Latin America. He also serves as an Executive Coach for CEOs and consultant for cultural transformation through LHH. José is deeply committed to team-building and people integration, reinforced by enthusiasm and motivation, facilitating the pursuit of synergy, timely problem-solving, and positive social and financial outcomes. An ICF Member since 2009, José is past president of ICF Brazil and has served on the regional board for ICF Latin America. He is currently a Director of the ICF Global Board.

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Comments (3)

  1. Dear Jose,
    The topic you touched is indeed very close to my heart. As a coach and corporate trainer for 20 years I realised that most literature addresses Responsibilty and NOT Accoutability. I am glad that you focussed more on Accountability.

    In fact any Coach who is Committed to bringing change to a client through the process of Coaching generally should be Responsible and Accountable for the client.

    The reality in the world is that people love Positiions because it gives authority and power but few realise that positions are important and positions come with Responsibilty and Accoutability. Fundamental as it is, it is sad that from the Leaders of Countries to people who roll out Government policies there is more Responsibility but little Accountability. If both worked in unison there will be more progress and less degeneration in the wrld we live in.

  2. Chris Padgett, PCC says:

    Great post, Jose!

    Accountabilty must begin in Lexington. The ICF staff needs to be accountable to the needs of the mebership. This starts with staff people listening effectively, returning phone calls and emails and thinking critically. I see where ICF members and volunteers contribute tremendous value in terms of our dues, time, and talent, but I also see and experience what at times appears to be little value being generated for the global community. Best practices are not shared effectively. When you give staff feedback, they respond with corporate talking points, ignore members completely, or question members commitment to the profession. We need a really high quality, world class management company that can support a diverse global membership. The status quo isn’t working.

  3. Being accountable not only is important in our private lives but in our business too. It is a chain reaction of professionalism and being pro-active. As a career transition coach I feel that it is up to me to make sure my clients pick an authentic way to write a resume, cover letter and most of all do well in an interview. When it comes to changing their career I must present the questions that assure that they are being accountable for picking a direction that holds them up to the highest standards within themselves. When they are accountable for their actions then they bring their high ethics into the work place , and hopefully drive their partners in the workplace to do the same. It is a win, win situation .

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