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4 Tips to Convince Your Boss to Invest in Your ICF Converge 2023 Experience

Posted by Robert Garcia, ACC, MBA | May 1, 2023 | Comments (0)

ICF Converge is a premier coaching event that offers you the opportunity to make meaningful connections with like-minded professionals and industry influencers who share your passion for exploring and accelerating all coaching can do. Attending ICF Converge 2023 can provide you with a wide variety of benefits to grow, learn, and develop your approach to coaching in organizations.

When you attend events like Converge 23, it doesn’t just benefit you. There are benefits for your company too! In this article, we’ll explore how you can convince your employer to invest in your attendance at ICF Converge 2023, and why it’s a smart move for both you and your organization.

1) Show Content Relevance

Converge 23 offers valuable content for professionals in organizations, whether you are beginning to explore the value of a coaching culture or looking to grow and sustain yours.

To help make your case with your employer, you can direct them to the focused learning path for organizational leaders. This path is a collection of carefully selected sessions based on the specific interest of coaching in organizations. The path is optional, but if you do follow it, you’ll experience sessions on innovative trends in team and group coaching; diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), and culture transformation, leadership development; and executive coaching.

By attending Converge 23, you will have the opportunity to develop your coaching culture, discover how to incorporate artificial intelligence into your efforts, and hear from representatives of organizations with award-winning coaching cultures so that you can learn how they measure the impact of coaching, including the return on investment (ROI) and return on expectations (ROE).

You will bring back new techniques and approaches to enhance your organization’s coaching culture, develop your people, and increase your bottom line.

2) Emphasize the Networking Opportunities

In addition to the content, attending Converge 23 provides you with a unique opportunity to network with other professionals from around the world who have also incorporated coaching into their organizations. You will be able to build new, lasting relationships; learn from others’ experiences; and gain valuable insights into organizational coaching programs.

Additionally, representing your organization in an international space like Converge 23 can be beneficial for building your company’s reputation and brand. You can increase your organization’s visibility and reputation with top thought leaders and coaches in the industry.

3) Highlight ROI and Other Benefits

Attending Converge 23 can help you stay up to date with the latest trends and best practices in the coaching industry, which can give your organization a competitive edge. For example, you can gain additional ways to measure the impact of coaching in your organization and better demonstrate its value in monetary terms. And discovering approaches to incorporate DEI into your culture can create a positive work environment that fosters growth and development, which ultimately impacts performance, retention, and your bottom line.

4) Show Value in CCE

If you have an ICF credential, attending Converge 23 can help you earn Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units to apply toward your credential renewal. You can earn up to 53 CCE units (with up to 23.5 available in Core Competencies) by taking advantage of all Converge 23 has to offer.

Don’t forget to remind your employer the importance of an ICF credential, which demonstrates alignment with international professional coaching standards, and a commitment to continued growth and development. Plus, maintaining a coaching credential may be a part of your job description.

Bonus Tip: Create a Proposal

By creating a proposal, you can address the four tips above and provide your boss a single organized source of information, which includes important details for them to review and consider.

Your proposal should include:

  • Registration cost and other associated fees (travel, lodging, meals, etc.).
  • The number of days you will be out of the office.
  • How your attendance will benefit the organization.
  • Helpful links such as the ICF Converge 2023 website.

This proposal should be specific and detailed, and it should include information on the sessions you plan to attend and how they relate to your job responsibilities and your organization’s strategy.

You may also consider scheduling some one-to-one time with your boss to discuss the proposal and reiterate the value this opportunity will create for not only you, but also your organization.

Register for ICF Converge 2023

As a global coaching community, we’re at our best when we learn, grow, connect, lead, and inspire together. And that’s why we’re excited to bring the global coaching community together for Converge 23, which is taking place August 23-26 in Orlando, Florida, USA.

Join your peers to ignite creative thinking, push boundaries of what’s possible, and connect over a common purpose to transform the world through coaching.

Register today.

Robert Garcia, ACC, MBA

Robert Garcia, ACC, MBA, is vice president of ICF Coaching in Organizations and is responsible for leading the business unit that enables global organizations to build coaching capabilities and develop a strong coaching culture. Previously, he held senior positions at Randstad, Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), Baptist Health, Florida International University, Lee Hecht Harrison LLC, ADP, and United Healthcare. Robert obtained a Master of Business Administration at Florida International University, a Bachelor of Science in Management from Nova Southeastern University, HR certifications from SHRM and HRCI, and is an ICF-credentialed executive coach. Fluent in English and Spanish, he is a frequent keynote speaker at global conferences and has presented in six continents.

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