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2023 ICF Coaching Snapshot: Future of Coaching

The 2023 ICF Coaching Snapshot: Future of Coaching provides valuable insights into how coach practitioners are preparing to face challenges and embrace new opportunities within the coaching industry. Commissioned by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), this snapshot delves into a variety of topics, including the changing role of technology, expansion of coaching services, and post-pandemic optimism. 

2023 ICF Coaching Snapshot: Future of Coaching

Opportunities and Optimism for the Coaching Industry

The 2023 ICF Coaching Snapshot: Future of Coachingshows that coach practitioners are optimistic about the industry’s future growth prospects and plan to embrace that growth by increasing fees, earning more qualifications, and expanding services. The study also looks at the attitudes of coaches towards the use of digital technology, including artificial intelligence (AI) and digital coaching platforms. Overall, the study provides valuable insights for the coaching community, helping coaches to better understand future industry trends, challenges, and opportunities. 

The 2023 ICF Coaching Snapshot: Future of Coaching is available now to ICF members for free. Non-members can purchase the study for $149 USD. 

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Past Global Coaching Snapshots

  • 2021 Global Snapshot: COVID-19 and the Coaching Industry

    Because the survey for the 2020 Global Coaching Study closed right before COVID-19 changed the world forever, that research represents a new benchmark for us – the last global survey of the coaching industry conducted entirely before the dramatic changes COVID-19 has made to how we live and work.

    To understand the initial impact of these changes on the coaching industry, ICF commissioned COVID-19 and the Coaching Industry, a snapshot survey designed to assess the impact of the pandemic on the coaching industry worldwide.

    The results of COVID-19 and the Coaching Industry are available now.

2023 ICF Global Coaching Study

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