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ICF Coaching Education Updates

Accredited training providers can visit this page to find the latest news on ICF Coaching Education, access recordings of past calls and webinars, and update their listing on the Education Search Service (ESS) – formerly the Training Program Search Service (TPSS).

Introducing the ICF Accreditation Portal

January 31 — ICF Coaching Education is focused on ensuring accredited providers have a competitive edge both in their content and stature. We are also focused on ensuring you have the resources and support needed so that you can maintain high standards and deliver quality education. With this in mind, we are streamlining all accreditation needs into one place: The ICF Accreditation Portal.

The ICF Accreditation Portal is one dedicated, easy-to-use space where you can:

  • Submit accreditation applications and renewals.
  • Check the status of your applications in real time.
  • Communicate directly with ICF Coaching Education staff.
  • And more!

The portal is intended to provide you with a more simplified, enhanced experience so that you can spend more time focused on your students and the education you provide.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team. If you are already an accredited provider, you can find a number of resources in the Global Knowledge Community, including a comprehensive user guide and video tutorials.

To see a comprehensive walk-through of the portal, please consider attending the February Evolution of Accreditation Q&A sessions.

February 7 at 9 a.m. EST (New York) | Register Now

February 7 at 7 p.m. EST (New York) | Register Now

Recording Now Available: ICF Coaching Education Accreditation Q&A

This is a recording of the December 2, 2021 Q&A on the updated accreditation structure of ICF Coaching Education. You can view the video below or directly on ICF’s Vimeo channel. Linked in the button below, you will also find an FAQ document (PDF) in response to questions asked during this webinar.

Recording Now Available: October 2021 ICF Coach Training Community Discovery Series

During this discussion, Mark Setch, MCC, joined us to share best practices in incorporating the updated ICF Core Competencies in accredited programs while still reinforcing the importance of participants remaining present within the coaching session. Opportunity was given for questions, and for attendees to share their examples of how they are supporting their students in the application of the Updated ICF Core Competencies.

Recording Now Available: ICF Coach Training Q3 Town Hall

Recording Now Available: ICF Coach Training Q2 Town Hall

Recording Now Available: ICF Coach Training Q1 Town Hall

Recording Now Available: October 2020 ICF Coach Training Webinar

The recording of ICF Coach Training’s October 2020 webinar is available below.

In Discover the Power of Being an Immediate Ally!, Eddie Turner, PCC, uncovered a first-person point of view on what occurs with little knowledge on others’ part and what can be done to help. This was followed by an open and candid conversation on what this issue means for all in the coach training profession.

Speaker Bio

Eddie Turner, PCC, is an in-demand expert in the leadership development profession. He is a Certified Speaking Professional™ (CSP®), a certified trainer and a master facilitator.

Eddie is author of the international best-selling book, 140 Simple Messages to Guide Emerging Leaders.

He is an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and was recognized as an ICF Coach of the Week in March 2020. Eddie is one of Marshall Goldsmith’s 100 Coaches and is the host of the Keep Leading!® podcast, which earned Apple Podcasts’ coveted New & Noteworthy designation.

He works as an Executive and Leadership Coach for seasoned and emerging leaders. He is a facilitator for the ATD Coaching Certificate program and one of the coach trainers for the Doerr Institute at Rice University’s CoachRICE ICF Authorized Leadership Coaching Certification Program.

Eddie is also one of 60 contributing subject matter experts to the newly released Talent Development Body of Knowledge—The Definitive Resource for the Talent Development Profession by the Association for Talent Development.

ICF Releases Updated Competency Model

Since 1998, the ICF Core Competencies have provided a vital foundation for the coaching profession.

When we first created the Core Competencies and developed the ICF Code of Ethics, we set the standard in the coaching field. The ICF Core Competencies were first identified and articulated by eight pioneers in our profession, all of whom were committed to creating greater understanding about the knowledge and skills needed for effective coaching. The groundbreaking ICF Core Competency model that emerged has provided a strong foundation for our accreditation and credentialing processes ever since.

In any profession, it is best practice to perform a job analysis regularly to ensure a competency model remains a valid and accurate reflection of professional practice. ICF last conducted a job analysis in 2008, and our profession has since grown and evolved significantly.

Over the past 24 months, we’ve been engaged in rigorous job analysis research. From start to finish, more than 1,300 coaches—both ICF Members and non-members—from around the globe have participated in this process. These coaches represented a diverse range of coaching disciplines, training backgrounds, coaching styles, and experience and credentialing levels. No other coaching certification body has undertaken this level of research, and we’re incredibly proud of the quality, integrity and validity of our evidence-based approach to credentialing and to the value it brings to ICF credential holders.

In October 2019, we shared with accredited training providers an updated ICF Core Competency model, which reflects the collective insights and wisdom shared with us through this comprehensive research initiative.

While the empirical data we collected through the job analysis process validated that much of the original ICF Core Competency model remains relevant and reflected in current coaching practice, this new competency model offers a simpler, more streamlined structure and integrates consistent, clear language.

ICF has already begun the work to translate this updated model into priority languages for our community.

Ultimately, this updated Core Competency model will serve as the basis for the ICF Credentialing process through the launch of a new credentialing assessment reflecting the revised competencies. ICF anticipates a lengthy transition process, and we are targeting early 2021 for the launch of the new assessment.

For new accreditation applicants, the deadline to integrate the updated model into training curricula will be January 2021.

For existing accredited programs, we will require evidence of integration as part of incremental renewal surveys 4 and 6, beginning in 2021.

Throughout the implementation process, we will keep training providers up to date and informed through regular, detailed and transparent communications.

If you are a training provider with questions about the updated model, please contact the Accreditation Services team by visiting the ICF Support page.

Recordings of Competency Model Update Webinars for Training Providers Now Available

On November 4, 2019, ICF staff hosted a pair of webinars for accredited training providers about the updated ICF Core Competency model.

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ICF Coach Training offers periodic calls to provide updates and answer questions for ACTP and ACSTH providers.

The call schedule for the remainder of 2020 will be available soon.

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