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ICF Thought Leadership Institute Board of Directors

ICF Thought Leadership Institute

The ICF Thought Leadership Institute Board of Directors is a governance board in a start-up stage of development. This means that in addition to being fiduciary guardians of this 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, our board members roll up their sleeves, put on their thinking caps, and dedicate a good portion of their time taking an active role on one or more of our board committees or task forces.

The 2022 Board of Directors has been selected and is currently serving. If you’re interested in applying for the 2023 Board, more information will be posted here. Typically, the application, nomination and appointment process begins in late Summer and concludes by the end of the calendar year.

FAQs and Requirements

  • Why Serve on the Board of Directors

    Envisioning a global hub for human development process and practice innovation, the ICF Thought Leadership Institute’s mission is to reveal and lead how coaching contributes to Prosperity, Peace, and Partnership for People and Planet in a sustainable way. Our mission supports contributing to the United Nations Action Plan for Sustainability.

  • Who We're Looking For

    ICF Thought Leadership Institute is looking for individuals from diverse backgrounds, and with varied skill sets, perspectives, and voices to help ICF Thought Leadership Institute fulfill its strategic vision. Individuals who are inspired by our mission and have a high level of energy and creativity to make it happen should apply. We are looking for individuals who are motivated to contribute their expertise to grow ICF Thought Leadership Institute’s capacity and impact. And, we seek individuals with a willingness to contribute to envisioning the future of coaching.

  • What We're Looking For

    ICF Thought Leadership Institute is currently in year two of its three-year Strategic Plan (FY2021 – FY2023) for Experimenting, Testing and Prototyping our Core Services Methods along with Building Capacity as a new, start-up family organization of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). There will be at least (2) two open positions for this Board of Directors starting in January 2022.

    While all individuals with an interest in serving ICF Thought Leadership Institute are welcome to apply, this year we are particularly interested in candidates who can bring specific expertise to complement our work. For the upcoming nominations cycle, we are seeking individuals who have experience in human development or learning. In addition, we will prioritize candidates who have extensive experience in fundraising, enterprise or entrepreneurship, or non-governmental organizations. As we look to expand our perspective, those outside the profession of coaching are encouraged to apply.

    • Human development or learning experience
    • Fundraising
    • Enterprise or Entrepreneur
    • Non-governmental Organizations
  • Eligibility Requirements

    To be eligible to serve on the board, please review the following requirements:

    Board Criteria

    1. We begin with candidates who have a passion for the future of coaching and in looking for ways to have coaching lead the future.
    2. Directors may be active (but not a board member) in one of the FOs or a member of the public at large.
    3. Be recognized as thought-leaders in areas including and other than coaching by their respective organizations or fields, academic or otherwise.
    4. Be objective and unaffiliated with organizations considered unsuitable for partnership due to their values or activities.


    1. Significant involvement and proven leadership in creating a thought leading project or institute, ideally to have the regional or global reputation of being a thought leader.
    2. Knowledge of and experience in the ICF and/or coaching
    3. Experience in acquiring and/or managing funding: grant, corporate and/or academic partnership, sponsorships
    4. Experience and influence on a global level
    5. Experience and influence in the research/academia world
    6. A network of thought leaders, academics and researchers


    1. Innovation
    2. Conceptual thinking
    3. Entrepreneurship
    4. Ability to bring an idea to market
    5. Ability to connect and leverage different fields of knowledge
    6. Capable thought leader for trend spotting and horizon scanning

    Universal Competencies for All ICF Boards of Directors and Trustees

    1. Business and financial acumen 
    2. Problem-solving skills 
    3. Analytical and systems thinking 
    4. Relationship building and self-management 
    5. Leadership experience in complex organizations 
    6. Global cultural awareness and experience 
    7. ICF knowledge and interest 
    8. Communication skills 
    9. Strong ethical governance 
    10. Ability to identify and articulate opportunity 
    11. Values are consistent with organization’s values 
    12. Collaborator and consensus builder 
    13. Experience engaging a volunteer workforce 
    14. Successful practice of performance management
  • Board Member Expectations

    ICF Thought Leadership Institute’s Board of Directors is a governance board in a start-up stage of development. This means that in addition to being fiduciary guardians of this 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, our board members roll up their sleeves, put on their thinking caps, and dedicate a good portion of their time taking an active role on one or more of our board committees or task forces.

    As a governance board in start-up phase, Directors are expected to dedicate about 5-10 hours per month working on the Institute’s business. This includes attending a monthly conference call with fellow board members, in addition to other committee or task force meetings and follow-up tasks related to those functions.

    Our Board members are expected to attend one (1) annual board meeting in person: time of year and location to be determined as we transition into the Post-COVID era. The Institute shall offer each board member compensation to cover travel related expenses to attend the annual in-person board meeting. The Institute will also fully cover expenses related to any necessary board retreat. Such retreats, for instance a strategic planning retreat that occurs every three years, are in addition to the annual in-person board meetings.

    Once appointed, each Director will serve a two-year term and not more than two consecutive terms before a one-year break in Board service. For reference, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our Bylaws.

    Our Onboarding Handbook outlines the expectations and responsibilities of board members:

    • 5 – 10 hours of institute-related work per month, depending on activities
    • Play an active leadership role in delivering on TLI’s overall strategy in general and on assigned strategic priorities specifically
    • Attend and prepare for each board meeting
      Be prepared and willing to lead the board and/or a committee and/or a task force
    • Join and participate actively in the activities of at least one committee or task force
    • Follow, participate, and contribute to online board discussions in a timely manner
    • Make every reasonable effort to bring financial support to the organization annually from external sources, e.g. identify and introduce sponsor prospects and secure sponsorships
    • Leverage personal relationships with others (including corporations, professional service firms, vendors, foundations, and individuals) to assist the staff of the organization with implementing fundraising strategies, including adding names of potential sources of support to the organization’s mailing list
    • Actively participate in the Institute’s fundraising efforts
    • Attend one (1) annual board meeting in person: time of year and location to be determined as we transition into the Post-COVID era. The Institute will cover related travel expenses for board members
    • Directors cannot be compensated

Nomination and Appointment Process

To be considered by the 2022 Nominating Committee, please click on the button below to start your application. We encourage all qualified candidates to apply or hope that you will refer someone you think would be a qualified candidate. Thank you for your consideration of ICF Thought Leadership Institute’s work.

At the conclusion of the call for 2022 candidates, the 2022 Nominating Committee will review all applications and propose a slate of candidates to the Board of Directors for discussion, followed by an endorsement to submit the slate to the ICF Global Enterprise Board of Directors for review and approval of submission to the existing Board for a vote.

If you have any additional questions, please contact ICF Thought Leadership Institute Vice President Alicia Hullinger by email at

2022 Nominating Committee

Anna Gallotti, MCC (USA, France)
Silvia Tassarotti, MCC, MBA (Italy)
Alicia Hullinger, Ph.D. (USA)

  • 2022 ICF Thought Leadership Institute Board of Directors

    Richard Boyatzis, Ph.D., BCC (USA)

    Pinar Dolen (Switzerland)

    Donna P.A. Eiby (Australia)

    Anna Gallotti, MCC (France and USA)

    Marcus Ranney (India)

    Silvia Tassarotti, MCC (Italy)

    Jose Miguel Justel, MCC (Puerto Rico)


    Alicia Hullinger, Ph.D. (USA)
    Vice President, ICF Thought Leadership Institute

    Pat Mathews, MCC (USA)
    Global Board Chair

    Magdalena Nowicka Mook (USA)
    CEO, ICF

Statement of Diversity and Inclusion

The ICF Thought Leadership Institute encourages people from diverse backgrounds, institutions, and experiences to apply. The ICF Thought Leadership Institute does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations. These activities include, but are not limited to, hiring and firing of staff, selection of volunteers and vendors, and provision of services. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our staff, clients, volunteers, subcontractors, vendors, and clients.

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