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ICF Professional Coaches Board of Directors

The ICF Professional Coaches Board of Directors is a body of elected members who govern the affairs or the organization, which is a membership association for trained, professional coach practitioners. Its purpose is to lead the global advancement of the coaching profession through its members and chapters worldwide. The Board of Directors is comprised of no more than nine members – nominated based on competencies of exceptional boards. Each director serves a two-year term, with a maximum of two terms.

Nomination and Appointment Process

The ICF Professional Coaches Nominating Committee will conduct an initial review of completed applications to narrow the field of applicants based on criteria for Board membership and requirements for the upcoming year’s Board of Directors. They will invite selected applicants to participate in an interview, submit a brief presentation and complete the Hogan assessment. Once candidates are selected for the ballot, all applicants will be notified of their status and an election will be held.

2022 Nominating Committee

ICF Professional Coaches’ bylaws require that the Nominating Committee members represent the diversity of our membership, possess appropriate experience within ICF, demonstrate competence in the task of addressing leadership talent for Board service and embody a global mindset. Applications for the 2022 ICF Professional Coaches Nominating Committee closed on March 25 at 5 p.m. EDT (New York). 

  • 2022 ICF Professional Coaches Board of Directors


    Catherine Tanneau, MCC (France)

    Linda McLoughlin, MCC (Ireland / United Arab Emirates)
    Vice Chair

    Kaveh Mir, MCC (United Kingdom)
    Secretary / Treasurer

    Kevin Kan, PCC (Singapore)
    Director of Strategic Initiatives


    Tonya Echols, PCC (USA) 

    Emily Kamunde-Osoro, ACC (Kenya) 

    Manbir Kaur, MCC (India) 

    Rosarii Mannion, PCC (Ireland) 

    James Wetrich, PCC (USA)

FAQs and Requirements

  • Why Serve on the Board of Directors

    As ICF continues to evolve into a large, complex global organization, we require governance with an expanded set of knowledge, skills, abilities and personal attributes to continue leading the organization and the profession of coaching into the future. ICF Professional Coaches is a membership association for trained, professional coach practitioners. Its purpose is to lead the global advancement of the coaching profession through its members and chapters worldwide.

    The ICF Professional Coaches Board of Directors is a body of elected members who govern the affairs of the organization. The Board of Directors is responsible for strategic development, policy creation, fiscal and management oversight of the organization. The Board of Directors represent, serve and advocate for more than 40,000 ICF-credentialed coach members worldwide. It is up to the Board of Directors to clearly define its expectations, goals and measures of success based on information and input from ICF staff.

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  • Who We're Looking For

    Ideal candidates will have experience leading at the executive level of complex multi-national organizations, have previous board experience (private, public or not-for-profit), and a deep understanding of the ICF ecosystem as well as emerging trends in the coaching profession. A typical work cadence might require up to 10 hours weekly dedicated to project work, meeting attendance, professional networking and advocacy. 

    For additional information please see our bylaws.

  • Eligibility Requirements

    ICF Members in good standing who hold an ACC, PCC or MCC Credential may apply for an open seat on the ICF Professional Coaches Board of Directors.

    Please review the following requirements for eligibility to serve on this Board of Directors:


    • Two years minimum of ICF Membership
    • ICF Credential (ACC, PCC or MCC)
    • ICF Committee service at the international level and/or demonstrated leadership at the local level (officer, board or chair) preferred
    • Familiarity with ICF’s complex structure, current strategic plan, global initiatives and role in the global coaching industry  
    • Consummate coaching professional who reflects the spirit, training, credentials and integrity of the coaching profession 


    • Attend at least three (3) Board meetings in person (subject to our transition into the post-COVID era) 
    • Attend and prepare for regular Board tele-meetings (two hours each, pre-scheduled) 
    • Flexibility and willingness to attend urgent or impromptu Board conference calls 
    • Be prepared and willing to lead the Board and/or a committee and/or a task force 
    • Attend part or all of a number of ICF-branded events 
    • Participate in meetings/events in an ambassadorial capacity 
    • Follow, participate, and contribute actively to online Board discussions in a timely manner 
    • Time commitment for officers can be up to 10 hours weekly. 


    • Senior level leadership experience in large, multinational organizations (for-profit and/or nonprofit) 
    • Global business experience in operations and/or positions of influence 
    • Experience working with professional services firms or third-party vendors 
    • Experience leading volunteers within ICF, similar association or global organization. 


    These required competencies incorporate the universal competencies for all ICF Global Boards of Directors and Trustees:

    Global Mindset

    • Global and cultural awareness and experience 
    • Values consistent with organization’s values 
    • ICF knowledge and interest 
    • Experience engaging a global volunteer workforce 

    Strategic Thinking and Direction Setting

    • Strategic vision and direction setting in a multi-faceted environment 
    • Future-focused 
    • Ability to translate strategy for various stakeholders 
    • Experience with using data and ROI measurement for strategy development 

    Systems Thinking and Innovation

    • Understands stakeholder needs 
    • Foresees possibilities to leverage digital frontiers for transformation 
    • Innovates problem-solving skills 
    • Identifies and articulates opportunity 

    Relationship Building and Self-management

    • Cultivates productive and trust-based relationships 
    • Strong communication skills 
    • Demonstrates courage to express ideas, listen and resolve conflict 
    • Builds sustainable partnerships and networks internally and externally 

    Business Acumen and Leadership in Complex Organizations

    • Collaborates and builds consensus that optimizes performance locally, regionally and globally 
    • Uses contemporary business and leadership principles for sound decision-making 
    • Business and financial acumen 
    • Strong ethical governance 
  • Board Chair Eligibility and Expectations

    The Chair of the ICF Professional Coaches Board of Directors is the chief elected officer of the organization and shall serve as Chair of the Board of Directors. The Chair shall also serve as an ex-officio member of all committees. The Chair shall address the membership at proper times to communicate matters and suggestions that may promote the welfare and increase the usefulness of ICF. The Chair shall perform other necessary duties, including duties prescribed by the Board of Directors.

    The Chair shall possess the following qualifications in addition to those outlined for the Board of Directors (above), as well as any additional competencies as identified and approved by the ICF Professional Coaches Board of Directors.


    • Member in good standing of the ICF upon nomination and election and during the entirety of their term of office 
    • Granted an ACC, PCC or MCC Credential and maintain Credential during the entirety of the term of office 
    • Be in a position to attend all meetings of the Board of Directors 
    • A current member of the ICF Professional Coaches Board of Directors or have served as such in the last two years 
    • Understands the considerable time commitment necessary for this position which can be in excess of 10 hours a week. 

    Roles and Responsibilities

    • Leads and facilitates all Board meetings in a professional and collaborative manner 
    • Serves as ex-officio member of all committees 
    • Partners with ICFPC Vice President and CEO to ensure Board resolutions are carried out 
    • Calls special meetings when necessary 
    • Consults with the ICFPC Vice President and/or CEO on the appointment of committee, task force and core team members 
    • Prepares agenda for Board meetings 
    • Assists the ICFPC Vice President and/or CEO in conducting new Board member orientation 
    • Serves as spokesperson for the Board and the ICFPC organization 
    • Periodically consults with Board members on their roles and helps them assess their performance. 


    • Prior Board leadership experience 
    • Demonstrated excellence in executing ICFPC (or similar organization) strategic priorities 
    • Demonstrated experience inspiring executive collaboration. 


    • Executive capability with all forms of communication including public speaking and presentations 
    • A demonstrated commitment to the purpose of the organization 

Statement of Diversity and Inclusion

The ICF encourages people from diverse backgrounds, institutions, and experiences to apply. The ICF does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations. These activities include, but are not limited to, hiring and firing of staff, selection of volunteers and vendors, and provision of services. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our staff, clients, volunteers, subcontractors, vendors, and clients. 

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