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Ethics Resources

ICF offers a host of resources to help you learn about ethics in the coaching industry and be a part of continuing conversations on various topics with regards to ethics and standards.

  • ICF Ethics Hotline

    To report a compliance-related concern, please contact our Ethics, Policy and Compliance Department. Examples of this type of concern include but are not limited to false claims of ICF Membership or Credential status.

    Contact or 1.859.226.4245.

    Disclaimer of Liability

    The ICF Ethics Hotline is designed and made available only for the limited purpose of assisting individuals with inquiries pertaining to the ICF Code of Ethics. ICF is not able to and will not give those who contact the ICF Ethics Hotline actionable advice or recommendations outside of whether or not an action or event may constitute a potential violation of the ICF Code of Ethics.

    ICF hereby disclaims any and all liability for damages, losses or injuries of any kind or nature arising out of, resulting from, or any way connected to a party’s use of or reliance upon the ICF Ethics Hotline or any communications or correspondence had with ICF staff as a result of an ethics inquiries. Furthermore, any communication or response received to an inquiry directed to the ICF Ethics Hotline is not and shall not under any circumstance constitute legal advice or a legal opinion on the part of ICF.

  • Liability Insurance for Coaches

    Wondering about what liability insurance looks like for Coaches? Join ICF’s assistant director of ethics, policy & compliance Kristin Kelly in a conversation with ICF’s legal counsel Bob Weil of the Law Office of Robert J Weil, PLLC.

  • Code of Ethics Overview

    Ethics are guided moral principles underlying how coaches behave congruent with ICF’s core values of integrity, excellence, collaboration and respect.

  • Code of Ethics FAQ

    Find answers to frequently asked questions about the ICF Code of Ethics by following the link below. We have organized questions and answers according to relevant ethical standards.

  • Complimentary Ethics CCE Course

    ICF’s complimentary online ethics course is designed to fulfill the Continuing Coach Education requirement in Ethics for ICF Credential renewal.

  • Ethics Community of Practice

    ICF’s Ethics Community of Practice (CP) is a virtual group of coaches who share best practices, emerging trends, tools and tips in the area of coaching ethics.

    The CP delivers professional development opportunities through a variety of different outputs, including webinar presentations from subject-matter experts and facilitated discussion sessions.

  • Ethics Water Cooler Conversations

    Every month, the Ethics Water cooler Conversation offers an open forum style of conversation around coaching ethics. Bring your questions and be prepared to have an in-depth discussion! These video calls are free of charge and open to all coaches (ICF Members and non-members) in either English or German. These calls take place via Zoom for one hour. The English call occurs on the second Wednesday of each month at 11 a.m. (New York), and the German call takes place on the second Monday of each month at 6 p.m. Frankfurt (12 Noon (New York)).

    If you are interested in joining, please sign up by clicking the “Join the Conversation” button below in your preferred language.

    If your preferred language is German, you can read more about the conversation in the ICF Germany Chapter’s newsletter. | Read More

  • Chapter Leader Ethical Guidelines

    ICF has created guidelines to assist our Chapter Leaders in the performance of their duties. Our exposure to successful models has allowed us the opportunity to outline areas for success that have proven to be the bedrock for successful Chapter Leader interactions. While different approaches and standards of behavior may exist across the global community, some basic expectations are universal as an ICF coach and leader.

  • Insights and Considerations for Ethics

    The Independent Review Board (IRB) prepared this resource to provide ICF Professionals with support around the learning and understanding of each standard in the ICF Code of Ethics, and to promote enhanced ethical awareness and discernment/critical thinking.

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