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The ICF Mentor Coach Registry is not for the promotion or marketing of products and/or services to ICF Members, but primarily exists for the purpose of allowing potential clients to connect with a Mentor Coach. Please note that spam laws and regulations above and beyond ICF’s spam policies may apply to communications sent to individuals who have elected to list their contact information on the ICF website.

While you are not required to use this registry when selecting your Mentor Coach, those listed in this registry have agreed to follow the ICF definition of Mentor Coaching, Best Practices for Mentor Coaches, and in many cases have completed advanced training that has prepared them to provide high-quality services to those that they are mentoring.

ICF provides this registry as a service to those seeking a Mentor Coach, but it is important to understand that working with a Mentor Coach from this registry does not guarantee your success in earning an ICF Credential. As with any coaching engagement, there should be a clear coaching agreement and a safe and supportive environment for your work together.

The qualifications of coaches listed, and the information provided, is not verified by ICF in any way. Individuals utilizing this database are urged to take reasonable steps to verify the qualifications of any potential coach.

By utilizing the ICF Mentor Coach Registry, you agree to hold ICF harmless from any and all claims which may arise as a result of your using the information provided and agree to adhere to the ICF Spam Policy and any other spam regulations that may apply.

If you have questions or need support about mentor coaching, please visit the ICF Support page.

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