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Member Organization Eligibility & Pricing 

Ready to commit to creating a coaching culture within your organization? ICF Coaching in Organizations does not require that you currently have a coaching culture or program in your organization, just that you have an interest in creating one.  

For those who want to grow their existing coaching culture or program, ICF Coaching in Organizations is ready to help you expand and sustain coaching in your organization. 

It is important to note that member representatives (individuals within your organization) must have coach-specific education in order to coach within ICF’s definition of coaching and standards of practice. Whether you already have qualified individuals or ones who are still working toward this, we encourage you to reach out and learn more about how ICF Coaching in Organizations can serve and equip you.

Pricing Structure 

ICF Coaching in Organizations understands that your organization likely has various employee types that could be interested in benefiting from what we have to offer. Therefore, we offer a tiered pricing structure based on how many representatives you would like to include in your membership.

Tier Number of Representatives Price
Tier I 1-10 individuals $245 USD per individual
Tier II 11-50 individuals $225 USD per individual
Tier III 51-99 individuals $200 USD per individual
100+ individuals Please inquire for quote

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