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“Referring a Client to Therapy”

As a coach, when and how do you refer a client to therapy? At ICF, we conducted research to help coaches understand when and how to refer a client to a mental health professional. From that research, we created a reference sheet and a set of guidelines for coaches to help them be more confident and prepared in these situations. This guide is a resource for coaches to understand when and how to refer a client to a mental health professional. The goal is to help coaches recognize and know how to manage a client who shows up with a mental health issue that goes outside the scope of coaching. This is a valuable tool for our members. We encourage Chapter Leaders to read and share within each Chapter.

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  1. Jo Sfarnas says:

    Good day

    I am currently studying with HCA, and would like to receive a copy of the paper on referring a client to therapy.

    Warm regards

    • Laura Shrake says:

      Hi Jo,
      Thanks for reaching out – you can find the white paper on “Referring a Client to Therapy” at this link, and the one sheet can be found here.
      Thank you!

  2. A therapy offers a broad array of benefits for all of us, whatever our circumstances, conditions, and concerns. Therapy goes beyond survival to enhancing your life.

  3. Alba Raffaelli says:

    The reference sheet is not available. Please can you check this? Thank you in advance.

    • Laura Shrake says:

      Hi Alba,

      My apologies for the long delay in response, but these links have bene updated and should now be available to you.

      Thank you!

      Laura Shrake
      Digital Marketing Manager

  4. Zohaib Butt says:

    best toolkit and coaching documents

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