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Professional Charter for Coaching Accepted by European Union

The Professional Charter for Coaching, Mentoring and Supervision of Coaches, Mentors and Supervisors has been accepted by the European Union (EU), and it is now listed on the EU’s co-regulation and self-regulation databases.

This charter is the result of collaboration with other coaching associations to reflect a common understanding of professional coaching to regulators. It helps demonstrate why professional bodies should be the regulators of coaching rather than individual national, state or provincial governments. While the charter does not carry the force of law, it does demonstrate a concerted effort to self-regulate the profession on the part of major coaching associations.

The latest charter is an enhancement of a 2011 version, both of which ICF has played a major role in developing. It includes key updates to ensure our self-regulation remains relevant, providing appropriate protections for consumers and enabling skilled coaches, mentors and supervisors to validate their credibility in the market.

View the Charter Entry

The entry will soon include the text of the act under the Self/Co-Regulation Basic Act tab.

Comments (1)

  1. Nancy Watson says:

    I am an EMCC-certified ITCA coach and thus a member of that organization. I am also a member of ICF, although I have not undertaken any ICF certification as yet. How does this announcement impact my future status with ICF if at all? AS ICF does not presently have a certification process for Team/Group Coaching, will my current EMCC status also grant me ICF certification when that moment arises that you do certify, or will I have to undergo another ICF process to qualify if and when ICF establishes that credential?

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