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Have you started using your ICF Member Digital Badge?

ICF Professional Coaches is proud to announce the launch of the ICF Member Digital Badge, issued through our partnership with Credly Acclaim. The ICF Member Digital Badge makes it easier than ever for you to share with the world that you are part of the largest global organization for coach practitioners.

The badge allows you to share the ICF Professional Coaches logo and your membership status on social media, in email footers and on your website. All ICF Members should’ve received an email from admin@youracclaim.com with information on how to adopt the badge on February 11, 2021. If you did not receive this email, please check your spam/junk folder. If it is not there, reach out to ICF Member Services at icfheadquarters@coachingfederation.org.

There is no fee for this service and acceptance is totally up to the Member.

Comments (22)

  1. ilhamnm@hotmail.com says:

    Hello ! Happy to be part of the ICF family !

    There are couple of areas where I need clarification :

    1) Can I use ICF membership logo in my LinkedIn post to inform about me becoming the ICF member ?
    2) Could I please receive ICF membership certificate ?
    3) Is above Acclaim platform going to cover for point 1) ? If yes, then that covers my question.

  2. avalon@lightaheadcoaching.com says:

    Thank you for this communication.

    Awaiting this new service that is expected very shortly.

    Best wishes,


  3. edita.hovhannisyan@gmail.com says:

    I cant find the badge would you please send me the link of the badge to downoad

  4. Florence says:

    That is really great news!
    I am enthusiastically looking forward to Feb 11, whereby I will get my membership badge.

  5. ch.eichner@gmail.com says:

    It worked perfectly. Thanks a lot and this is a great service and of great value.

  6. mason.neil@gmail.com says:

    I like the idea, and I’ve made my profile on acclaim (and added the email address use for ICF) … but there’s no badge appearing. Is it supposed to appear automatically? Does it just take a long time to update the system? Is there something we are supposed to do? Do I just wait?

  7. lisa.hecht@lisahechtassociates.com says:

    How do I determine the date by which I must re-credential? I don’t see it under my profile anywhere.

  8. coaching@trudinetherwood.com says:

    Echoing questions above. I have registered with Credly’s Acclaim platform.
    What happens next in the process of receiving the ICF badge?

  9. p_pushkal@hotmail.com says:

    hi- i received an email to claim the membership badge but the login is no accepting the password and this email.

  10. sbaiao@salesforce.com says:

    Hello, I have enrolled and paid my membership a few days ago but I haven’t received an email from Acclaim. When shall I expect that?

  11. jachaves19@gmail.com says:

    I have my acclaim profile and ICF membership but I don’t see how to claim for the badge. Any help here?

  12. suzanne@delisle-coaching.ca says:

    Please Is it possible to have this new badges in french.

  13. coachdenise@livethelifeyouwantto.com says:

    Can you send me a copy of my ICF payment from 2020 for my taxes?
    Thank you, Denise

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