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Renew Your ICF Membership

ICF Memberships expired on March 31, 2021. If you haven’t renewed in the last three months, please renew today to keep all of your member benefits. After June 2, those who have not renewed will no longer have access to ICF Member benefits. To check your membership status and expiration date, visit your member profile page.

Thank you for being a valued member of the ICF community, and thank you to those who have renewed their ICF Membership!

Ready to renew now? Visit the Membership Renewal page on the ICF site.

Comments (29)

  1. says:

    Hi dear,
    How much is the total fee this year?

  2. says:

    When am I supposed to renew and how much is it? I cant find the details.

  3. says:

    I need a copy of my current PCC certificate to confirm when I need to renew. Can someone help me retrieve that?The directions I have for doing that are not working.
    Thank you,
    Dianne Rankin

  4. says:

    If I am set up on auto-renew, will I still receive the free ICF event session delivered to your inbox by April 19 that was mentioned in my most recent email? Or do I need to manually renew now.

  5. says:

    I don’t remember if I signed up to automatically renew my dues. How do I find this out?
    If yes, do the people who are automatically renewed also receive the free event session?


  6. says:

    I am in Argentina and belong to the Argentinian Chapter but I am from Sweden and did the education for my diploma from Sweden. I will continue this year and become a Certified ACC at least but maybe even the PCC before the end of the year.
    Shall I mention Argentina or Sweden as my Country/Territory?

  7. says:

    Where are the member benefits located on the web site? I downloaded the member guide and clicked on the link that supposedly goes to ICF Partner programs and that takes me to this page to renew my membership – which I’ve already done.

    Please help. Thanks.

  8. says:

    REf: This year, if you renew by February 28, 2021, you will receive a free ICF event session delivered to your inbox by April 19.

    Please inform me if the free event session delivered, will allow me to have CCE´s as I am renewing also my credential this year.

    Thank you

  9. says:

    Hi ICF, Could you please tell me more about free session that you are offering for early renewal? Thank you in advance!

  10. says:

    Hi! Please, let me know what about free ICF session is?

  11. says:

    How can I set up for auto-renewal?

  12. says:

    DEar Tyler Parker

    My question was not answered I am afraid. Will the free session attribute CCE´s?

    Many Thanks

  13. says:

    I still received email for renewing my membership. I already paid $ 122,50 in Euros on th 2th of November 2020.
    The second part will be on the 2th May.
    Do I have receive the emails?

  14. says:


    What are the renewal cycles for acc, pcc and mcc?

  15. says:

    HI ICF: I want to pay the second half of my membership. When I went online to do so, got a message saying I was not eligible for online renewal. I want to make sure sure I am fully paid up by the end of March. I look forward to your reply. thank you, Sandra

  16. says:


    When i try to renew my ICF membership, i get “You are currently not eligible for renewal” error?

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