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2023 ICF Award Winners

The ICF Coaching Impact Awards, introduced in 2023 across three categories, recognize outstanding individuals and organizations for their contributions to the coaching profession. You can read the press release for all 2023 award winners in our press room or see the program for all of 2023 award winners.

The recipients of these prestigious awards are as follows:

  • Organizations

    2023 Award for Organizations

    “Organizations” celebrates businesses and organizations that have built strong coaching cultures and demonstrate the positive effects of coaching.

    Distinguished Organization Winner: AstraZeneca | Read the Case Study 

    AstraZeneca clinched the prestigious ICF Coaching Impact Award by wholeheartedly embracing a transformative cultural shift through the power of professional coaching and coaching capability in their leaders. Recognizing that fostering innovation and exploring possibilities requires a shift in dialogue, they diligently wove a coaching culture that champions inclusion and diversity and unleashes the full potential of their global talent for the greater good of humanity. With a significant multi-year investment and global effort, they seamlessly integrated ICF competencies into the fabric of their everyday work, replacing ad-hoc coaching with accessible, impactful, and globally inclusive coaching. This strategic alignment links their business growth through innovation directly to unlocking the potential of their people, partners, and patients. By redesigning their Performance Development experiences and leader development programs with these core competencies at the core, thousands of employees were empowered to not only receive coaching but also adopt a coaching approach across all aspects of their work. Supported by senior leaders and a compelling global narrative, the cultural transformation is now evident in the language used and widespread adoption of the coaching mindset throughout the organization. AstraZeneca’s relentless commitment to fostering growth, enabling potential, and embracing the coaching revolution makes them a true champion and deserving recipient of the ICF Coaching Impact Award.

    Emerging Organization Winner: OQ | Read the Case Study 

    Oman’s OQ earned the prestigious ICF Coaching Impact Award for its transformative use of coaching, elevating the organizational culture, achieving extraordinary goals, empowering its staff, and contributing to national progress. By establishing a robust internal coaching community and training 49 dedicated internal coaches, they have fostered a culture of continuous growth. Embracing excellence, they engaged top-notch external coaches for mentorship, further amplifying their impact. Embracing a relentless pursuit of excellence, coaching is accessible to all employees, while meticulous monitoring ensures continuous improvement. Beyond their own success, they’ve collaborated with other entities, igniting a coaching revolution that resonates throughout the nation. Their resolute commitment to coaching as a core value, evident in quarterly pulse surveys, showcases their dedication to empower not just their organization, but also the wider community—all borne proudly by their own investment.


  • Professional Coaches

    2023 Professional Coaches Award Honorees

    “Professional Coaches” honors individual coach practitioners making an impact in the profession and at ICF.

    Distinguished Coach

    Tünde Erdös, MCC (Austria
    The recipient of the ICF Coaching Impact Awards – Distinguished Coach is being recognized for her outstanding contributions to the coaching field, specifically through initiatives that create significant social impact. Firstly, they produced a groundbreaking coaching documentary (www.coachingdocu.com) to fund coach training for underprivileged women in Kenya, demonstrating the transformative power of coaching to empower communities. This documentary not only supports women in their entrepreneurial endeavors but also provides an innovative basis for learning, exploring coaching from its light and shadow sides, and enhancing professional capacity. Additionally, Tünde’s scholarship initiative with her book fuels independent research in coaching, with sales funding process research on resilience and well-being in organizations, thereby driving advancements in the profession. Her extensive academic contributions, including doctoral research and scientific publications, coupled with leadership roles in coaching communities and delivering training worldwide, make Tünde a true trailblazer in the coaching industry.

    Tracy Sinclair, MCC (UK)
    Tracy has been honored with the ICF Coaching Impact Awards – Distinguished Coach due to her extraordinary contributions and leadership in the coaching industry. Tracy’s extensive engagement with ICF and diverse roles within the organization exemplify her commitment to shaping and advancing the coaching profession globally. As an accomplished public speaker, author, and educator, she has significantly influenced the field by providing invaluable resources such as her best-selling book and detailed video footage on the ICF Core Competencies. Her dedication to supporting coaches’ development is evident through the creation of educational programs and the pro bono Alumni Benefits package, fostering a vibrant and supportive community. Tracy’s strategic mindset and contributions have also been instrumental in ICF’s growth, culminating in ICF’s groundbreaking six-family organizational structure. Furthermore, her passion for making coaching accessible to all is demonstrated through the social impact initiatives she has launched, such as Coaching With Conscience (CWC) and Coachsters, empowering individuals and communities through coaching conversations. Tracy’s profound impact on the coaching profession and society at large makes her a true champion of excellence and social transformation.

    Accomplished Coach

    Lina El Assaad, PCC (UAE)
    Lina has been awarded the prestigious ICF Coaching Impact Awards – Accomplished Coach for her outstanding contributions to the coaching profession and her significant impact on businesses, decision-makers, government officials, and organizations. Her exemplary work as an executive, leadership, and team coach has led to widespread adoption of coaching as well as the implementation of impactful projects at the local and regional level. These initiatives have created sustainable results in leadership development, enhanced leadership awareness, skills, and performance. They have helped individuals and teams improve communication and collaboration, tackle change with confidence and a growth mindset, and promoted high-potential competent females to board directors. As an ICF leader, she has raised the profile of the chapter and collaborated with industry thought leaders, spreading knowledge and expertise through various events and engagements. Lina’s dedication to ongoing learning, professional development, and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion has positioned her as a thought leader in the coaching community. Her social impact initiatives further exemplify her passion for creating positive change and fostering inclusivity. Her leadership roles within ICF, contributions to numerous conferences and publications, and measurable impact through her work and CSR efforts make Lina a true trailblazer and a deserving recipient of the ICF Coaching Impact Awards.

    Emerging Coach

    Moon Li, ACC (UK)
    Moon is a deserving recipient of the ICF Coaching Impact Awards – Emerging Coaches due to her remarkable contributions to the coaching profession and her commitment to making a positive impact on individuals and organizations. During the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic, Moon collaborated with Shaw Trust, a UK-based NFP social enterprise, to deliver pro bono online coaching sessions to help participants re-enter the workforce. Her work reached a large demographic that otherwise would not have had access to coaching, raising awareness of the coaching profession in the UK. Inspired by this experience, she continues to expand coaching to a wider audience, co-creating Mental Fitness training and coaching programs for young adults with higher education and charity. Moon’s dedication to personal development and continuous learning led her to become one of the first certified Positive Intelligence Coaches, allowing her to make a significant impact on individuals and organizations around the globe. Her volunteer work with Shaw Trust and her collaboration on projects like “We Not Me” demonstrate her commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, making her a true catalyst for positive change in the coaching community and beyond.


  • Coaching Education

    2023 Coaching Education Award Honorees

    “Coaching Education” recognizes coach educators and ICF-accredited providers who are leading and innovating coaching education.

    Distinguished Coaching Education Provider

    CoachME/Beckett McInroy Consultancy
    CoachMe/Beckett McInroy Consultancy has been honored with the ICF Coaching Impact Awards – Distinguished Coach Education Provider for their exceptional commitment to quality teaching and learning. With a team consisting of experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds, they attract attendees on public programs and from prestigious organizations including LEGO Group, Citi, DHL, Etihad Airways, Ooredoo, Saudi Aramco, EY, and Cambridge Education. Their robust quality assurance processes and continuous focus on staying ahead of technology demonstrate their dedication to excellence. Offering a wide range of online tools and resources, including the CoachME Model which is now in over 30 languages aligned to their drive for DEIB, they create a dynamic and engaging learning environment. Graduates’ continued involvement and advancement in their coaching journey are a testament to the training provider’s outstanding support and challenge levels for Coaching, Mentor Coaching, and SUPERvision training. By blending various creative elements with experiential learning, this provider ensures differentiated and impactful learning experiences for all participants. Their commitment to advancing the coaching field through research, collective learning, dynamic psychometric diagnostics, and open sharing of knowledge makes them a deserving recipient of this prestigious award.

    Distinguished Coach Educator

    Linda McLoughlin, MCC (Ireland)
    The recipient of the ICF Coaching Impact Awards – Distinguished Coach Educator is a visionary leader with global coaching experience since 2003 and an MCC credential since 2017. As an ICF approved provider of coaching programs, Linda combines coaching expertise with a strong educational background to create a transformative learning environment. In the Middle East, she introduced coaching skills to a leading Gulf university where she trained 80 coaches and fostered innovative teaching approaches for student services and faculty development. She champions accessibility by making her programs available to Arab speaking audiences and has translated her materials and mentored a delivery team of bilingual coaching educators and tutors. Linda has established partnerships with 12 global and regional organizations to create coaching cultures and transform their workplaces. Her network of over 1000 program alumni serves as coaching change-makers in the Middle East, influencing positive societal, economic, and workplace shifts. This distinguished coach educator’s dedication and impact have earned her this prestigious recognition.

    Emerging Coach Educator

    Hélène Thériault, PCC (Canada)
    Hélène has been recognized with the ICF Coaching Impact Awards – Emerging Coach Educator for her remarkable contributions in introducing the Coach Approach in various healthcare settings. In just three years, she has made a significant impact by conducting over 35 speaking engagements globally, introducing the concept to thousands of Healthcare Professionals and creating a trademarked model and curriculum titled the Dive Into a Coach Approach™ approved by ICF for healthcare practitioners. Over 500 practitioners have embarked on their coaching journey, with the primary goal of improving patient outcomes and preventing burnout. She has influenced university curriculum by incorporating fundamental coaching skills in healthcare students’ education. Additionally, her collaboration with universities and research initiatives showcases her dedication to advancing coaching in healthcare. Her vision and motivation, inspired by her own journey to walk away from burnout and improve her clients satisfaction, holds the potential for even greater contributions in transforming healthcare practices for the better. This emerging coach educator’s passion and impact on the healthcare field have earned her this prestigious recognition.


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