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Logo Usage Agreement for ACTP Programs

Only current and valid ICF-accredited ACTP programs may use the ACTP program logos on materials for or promoting the approved training program or course.

By using or displaying the ACTP logo, you agree to adhere to the following conditions:

The ACTP name, designation, acronym, logo and/or mark may only be used by ACTP programs that are and remain in good standing with ICF and which at all times strictly adhere to and maintain ICF training program standards and requirements. No training program may use, sell, license, transfer or otherwise authorize any third party to use the ACTP designation, logo or mark without prior written authorization of the ICF CEO.

The ACTP designation and logo shall be used only in connection with the approved program, and shall not be used in conjunction with any other programs within the organization. The designation and logos must be used in such a way that they indicate approval of only the approved program, and not the organization as a whole. For example, on a website, the designation and logo may be used only where the approved program is described, not where the organization as a whole is described.

The ICF logo, the ICF Member logo, or other ICF logos shall not be used in connection with the approved program. Only the ACTP designation and logo shall be used.

The ACTP logos and/or marks may not be revised, altered, or amended in any manner by the training program or any third party. This prohibition against alternation or misuse includes, but is not limited to, cropping of the name, logo or mark; bleeding off a page; screening behind text; and tilting or skewing of the marks/logos in any way. In every case the names, acronyms, designations, marks and logos must be printed in full strength, with no screens or “watermark” effects. Logos and marks shall at all times be used intact, with no alteration, substitution, isolation or highlighting of any particular feature.

The ACTP designation shall at all times be displayed against a neutral background only so that it does not conflict graphically or interfere with readability or recognition of the designation, logo or mark. Nor shall the name, acronym, designation, logo or mark be displayed on patterned backgrounds incorporating dots, wavy lines, or other designs, etc.

The ACTP name, acronym, designation, logo and mark incorporate specific coded colors within the Pantone Matching System. The ICF selected and designated color scheme is mandatory and shall not be altered or substituted in any way. No other colors may be used, substituted or incorporated into the logo or mark.

Use of the ACTP name, designation, acronym, logo and mark is exclusively limited to professional use on materials for or promoting the approved program (not the organization) including:

  • Certificates of completion (for graduates of the approved program only)
  • Promotional and marketing literature, brochures, pamphlets or folders
  • Advertisements of any type or nature
  • Program websites
  • Videos or DVDs
  • Software
  • Print, digital or photographic media

Use in connection with any other form of publication or documentation shall be permitted only upon written authorization and approval of the CEO of ICF.

Any unauthorized or unapproved use or alteration of the ACTP name, acronym, designation, logo, or mark shall result in an immediate termination and loss of the training program’s ICF designation and/or certification.

Any ICF-approved training program which loses or has its ICF status suspended for any reason, including, but not limited to, failure to adhere to these standards or the applicable ICF training program requirements, sale, transfer, bankruptcy, or liquidation, etc. shall immediately discontinue any and all use of the International Coach Federation name, ICF acronym, logo/mark, training program designation, acronym, logo and mark and shall not renew use of the same until its status has been restored in full. Any questions you may have regarding logo use can be directed to ICF by email at or by phone at 859.219.3580.

The ACTP logo is available in formats for print and web. You may need to resize the logo, depending on where you will be including the image, using software of your choice. The logo can be resized using various software programs, including free programs available on the Internet.

An ICF staff member will forward information on how to access the appropriate files following the submission of the below form.

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