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When ICF was founded in 1995, its purpose was to give credibility to an emerging profession and give coaches a place to connect with one another. In the 25 years that followed, ICF grew to become the world’s largest organization of professionally trained coaches, and the leading voice for the global coaching community.

In 2020 the International Coach Federation became the International Coaching Federation. This was not just a new name; it was a new way of serving coaches, coaching clients, our communities and the world, as we pursue our vision of coaching as an integral part of a thriving society.

In 2021 we unveiled a new ICF brand and the ICF ecosystem. The ICF ecosystem reflects ICF’s interests in many areas of the coaching industry, represented by six unique family organizations that make up the whole or “One” ICF. It’s an extension of our change in philosophy – a better illustration of how all stakeholders in our sphere can relate to and be a part of ICF.

ICF Professional Coaches

This is the membership organization for trained, professional coach practitioners. This family organization most closely aligns with what was ICF before the transition. Learn more about ICF Professional Coaches.

ICF Credentials and Standards

This is the body that oversees and manages the credentialing of individual coach practitioners. This family organization most closely aligns with what was the ICF Credentialing department. Learn more about ICF Credentials and Standards.

ICF Coaching Education

This is the body that oversees and manages the accreditation and approval of coaching education providers. This family organization most closely aligns with what was the ICF Training Program Accreditation department. Learn more about ICF Coaching Education.

ICF Foundation

This is the nonprofit / philanthropic piece of the ICF ecosystem. This organization launched more than 15 years ago and will continue its work as an ICF family organization. Learn more about the ICF Foundation.

ICF Coaching in Organizations

NEW! This family organization is specifically for businesses and organizations that use coaching. By expanding our influence in organizations, we will enhance the market for ICF-Credentialed coaches and lead the way in setting high standards for managers and leaders using coaching skills. Learn more about ICF Coaching in Organizations.

ICF Thought Leadership Institute

NEW! This is the organization whose goal is to create and influence the future of coaching. It facilitates interaction between innovators, researchers, technologists, venture capitalists, press and influencers to build and maintain the most comprehensive and highest-quality body of knowledge on the art and practice of coaching. Learn more about ICF Thought Leadership Institute.

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