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As a global organization, ICF is critically aware of and working to improve the climate crisis facing the world. It’s one of the biggest challenges humankind has faced to date and one that we do not take lightly.

In May 2020, ICF joined four other global coaching, mentoring and supervision professional bodies in releasing a global statement on the climate and biodiversity crisis. Below you will find an excerpt of that statement, as well as the entire statement available for download.

Coaching and mentoring are ultimately concerned with developing the potential of human beings, of raising awareness to enable people to take responsibility for their actions and ownership for their contribution. Coaches have a significant role to play in creating a new way of being in service to a healthy human society and a healthy planet.

As professional bodies who are dedicated either wholly or in part to the role of coaching, mentoring and supervision, both in developing individuals and in creating social value, we have committed to work together to play our part in addressing the climate emergency.


As ICF continues to move forward and address global climate issues, we’ll provide resources for reference here.

Climate Coaching Alliance (Organization)
Visit the organization’s website.

Eco-Phase Cycle
See the original graphic and upcoming events with the Climate Coaching Alliance.

Climate Reality Check (Website)
Visit the website and the “Climate Reality Check 2020” PDF.

The Climate and Ecological Crisis
Download the Presentation PDF

Coaching for Sustainability
Coming Soon

Coaching, Climate Change and the Evolution of Society
Coming Soon

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