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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice at ICF (DEIJ)

At ICF, it is our vision to make coaching an integral part of a thriving society, and to make that happen, we must first ensure coaches have the ability and support to thrive in their own right. Each day we are working towards creating a more diverse, equitable, inclusive and just coaching profession for all professional coaches and clients worldwide.

As members of the ICF community, we ascribe to the core values of professionalism, collaboration, humanity and equity. The foundation of these values is a shared commitment to diversity, inclusion, belonging and justice.

ICF’s Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

In July 2020, the ICF Global Board of Directors approved the ICF Statement of Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging and Justice. Staff and volunteer leaders from ICF’s six family organizations subsequently cosigned this statement. This statement of principles reflects a position we invite every ICF Member, Credential-holder and accredited training provider to subscribe to.

Below you will find the statement and its signatories.

  • ICF's Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

    ICF Members and Credential-holders live and work in more than 140 countries and territories. ICF is a vibrant global community committed to the shared vision of making coaching an integral part of a thriving society. Our mission is to lead the global advancement of coaching. To do this, we must reflect on our blind spots and be aware of opportunities for improvement. We cannot ignore the challenges that many coaches and coaching clients face due to systemic problems in their communities.

    As members of the ICF community, we ascribe to the core values of integrity, excellence, collaboration and respect. The foundation of these values is a shared commitment to diversity, inclusion, belonging and justice.

    We will place diversity, inclusion, belonging and justice at the forefront of every decision we make within our Association. As we continue the journey toward our vision, we will recommit ourselves to valuing the unique talents, insights and experiences that every coach and client brings to the world.

    July 2020 Signatories:

    Carrie Abner | Vice President, ICF Credentials and Standards
    Luke Davis | Vice President, ICF Coaching Education
    Morel Fourman | 2020 ICF Foundation Board of Trustees President
    Rajat Garg, MCC | 2020 ICF Global Board Chair
    Todd Hamilton | COO, ICF
    Alicia Hullinger, Ph.D. | Vice President, ICF Thought Leadership Institute
    Micki McMillan, MCC | 2020 ICF Coach Training Global Board Chair
    Magdalena Nowicka Mook | CEO, ICF
    Ann Rindone, ACC | Vice President, ICF Professional Coaches
    Renée Robertson, PCC | Vice President, ICF Coaching in Organizations
    Sara Smith, MCC | 2020 ICF Professional Coaches Global Board Chair
    Benita Stafford-Smith, MCC | 2020 ICF Credentials and Standards Global Board Chair
    Silvia Tassarotti, MCC | 2020 ICF Thought Leadership Institute Global Board Chair

DEIJ Councils and Committees

Global Diversity Council

ICF is creating the Global Diversity Council to help oversee our internal and external diversity initiatives and goals. The Diversity Council will consist of leaders from across the the ICF Ecosystem, including an ICF Global Board Director, four stakeholders and three ICF staff members. The Diversity Council will represent different countries, ages, races, stakeholders, and ICF Family Organizations and/or departments. Applications have closed and selected candidates will be announced soon.

DEIJ Holiday & Cultural Committee

This group of global leaders will spearhead inclusive holidays and cultural awareness activities across the ICF Ecosystem. This committee partners with the director of DEIJ at ICF to select cultural holidays that ICF will recognize and celebrate monthly. It is also the responsibility of this committee to determine how ICF will recognize and celebrate these selected holidays and events.

  • Meet the Committee

    Gauri Deshpande, PCC is the Founder & Director of the Global Coaches Collective (H.Q. -Singapore). She holds professional coaching credentials from the ICF (PCC). She leads C-Suite Executive Coaching engagements in 6 countries and has coached clients of 11 nationalities.

    Gauri is an active member at her local chapter ICF-Singapore where she is a Committee Member of the Team Coaching Practice. She is a champion for social impact through coaching and works towards building equity, inclusion, and representation through her pro-bono projects in Asia and the Middle East. She is a volunteer for ICF Ignite and ICF Singapore-NTU’ Coaching for Community’.

    Gauri holds a Master’s degree in Business and speaks four languages, including German and her mother tongue Marathi. Her trailblazing, international career of 15 years spans Germany, the U.S., Singapore, and her home country India.

    She began her career with the French multinational Capgemini Consulting in their H.R. Leadership Program in India in 2007. In 2011 she joined the Global Executive Assistants Program at Allianz SE, Germany. She led the Talent & Diversity portfolio of the Board Office, spanning 11 countries of Europe & South America. In her full-time roles based out of India and Germany, Gauri has spearheaded Leadership Development and Talent Management programs.

    Tonya Echols, PCC, is an award-winning international Executive Coach, Leadership Consultant, facilitator, speaker, and writer. She is the Managing Principal, and Founder of Vigere, a WOSB and MBE certified coaching and leadership development company.

    She is a coach for the TED Fellows Program, a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, and was selected by LinkedIn as Best of 2016 and 2017 in Executive Coaching. She combines her over 25 years of extensive experience in corporate management, digital media/technology, and finance with my coaching and leadership development background to help individuals, teams, and organizations create high-performing, human-centric, and inclusive work environments.

    Jamie Gelbtuch, PCC is the Founder of Cultural Mixology, a certified WBE, and is always looking for new and innovative ways to help people manage the complexity, uncertainty, and personal challenges of living or working in an international environment. She leads the strategic thinking process through coaching, training, mentoring, and consulting to support individuals and organizations that want to thrive across cultures.

    She is a graduate of Thunderbird School of Global Management (MBA), Georgetown University (B.S.), and NYU (certificate in Executive and Organizational Coaching). As an ICF-PCC coach, her interest in neuroscience led her to become a provider of the BrainStates ManagementTM assessment, which she uses to help clients harness the brain’s ability to achieve higher outcomes.

    A cosmopolitan globetrotter, she is fluent in English, Spanish, and French, with a working knowledge of Portuguese and basic Arabic. She has lived abroad and pursued her wanderlust throughout five continents.

    Dana Poklepovic, Ph.D. is a certified ontological coach, certified C-IQ coach and diversity professional, and ICF member.

    As a DEI consultant, she develops inclusive leadership programs to help businesses and schools embrace an authentically equitable and inclusive culture. She helps teams discover their emotional barriers and transform them into neurodiverse and disabled talent opportunities. As a coach, she helps her clients identify what makes them unique and confidently brings their talent to the table.

    She also coaches parents of neurodiverse children and children with disabilities. She has proven that these children grow self-confident and the parents emotionally strong by working with the families. Dana believes that coaching is the tool that will help create an inclusive and equitable society.

    Eric Toh is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) based in Malaysia, working across the Asia Pacific and internationally. He has an MBA from the USA and a BSc (Honours) from Australia and spent much of his career with KPMG Consulting in Melbourne, Australia, and London, UK.

    Eric has lived and worked in four continents: Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Americas. He is passionate about Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI), Emotional Intelligence, and the Future of Work.

    Eric went to Australia as a teenager for further studies. Having spent time living and working in Australia, Hong Kong, and London, Eric has returned to Malaysia to spend time with his family and share his international work experience with other professionals in the Asia Pacific region.

    Linda Zay, PCC, Ph.D. is a leadership development coach passionate about coaching and working with international clientele from 5 continents and many different countries. In addition to individual coaching, she works as an intercultural and DEI trainer and team coach and as a project coordinator for a non-profit Erasmus Transnational Strategic Partnership Consortium. They support the digital transformation of trainers and coaches through innovative intellectual outputs.

    She holds degrees in Intercultural Communication (Ph.D.), Diplomacy (M.A.), Literature and Linguistics (M.A.), American Studies (B.A.).

    She considers herself an interculturalist and a DEI advocate, and the values that she derives from these fields are very close to her heart. By cultures, she does mean national cultures and gender, generational, social, linguistic, professional, geographical, etc., identities. As a member of the Committee, she hopes that by learning more about exciting traditions, national heritage, and cultural values, we can nurture intercultural curiosity, develop cultural competence, and promote diversity, inclusion, and belonging in our global community.

ICF’s DEIJ Task Force

Since the release of ICF’s Statement of Diversity and Inclusion, we’ve begun to put our words into action. Shortly thereafter, the ICF Global Board of Directors convened a DEIJ Task Force. This group is comprised of board, coaching and staff members from all regions of the world – you can find the members of this task force listed below. This Task Force worked diligently to create a sustainable framework that aligns with ICF values, ideals and Statement of Intention.

What is a Task Force?

A task force is a work group typically comprised of experts in specified areas of knowledge or practice. It is a small group of people and resources brought together to accomplish a specific objective, with the expectation that the group will disband when the objective has been completed.

What are the DEIJ Task Force’s objectives?

  • Create a clear DEIJ implementation strategy that will be taken forward for implementation
  • Align strategy to ICF philosophy/ideals, values and statement of intention
  • Create a clear implementation project plan to deliver on the strategy
  • Develop goals, milestones and timeline
  • Create a communication plan/strategy while being intentional and paced
  • Provide a roadmap
  • Support ICF’s Family Organizations in developing measures, KPIs and incorporating target-setting
  • Become a source/center of education, information, resources and guidance
  • DEIJ Task Force Members

    George Nuthu, PCC (Kenya)
    Co-Chair of Task Force

    Tracy Sinclair, MCC (United Kingdom)
    Co-Chair of Task Force

    Yene Assegid, Ph.D., MCC (Zambia) 

    Jaya Bhateja, MCC (India) 

    José Manuel Estrada, PCC (Argentina) 

    Sackeena Gordon-Jones, Ph.D., MCC (USA) 

    Mickey Gustafson (USA)
    ICF Staff

    Alla Kazajeva (Russia)
    ICF Staff

    Minji Oh (South Korea)
    ICF Staff

    Rajat Garg (India)
    ICF Global Board Chair, 
    ex officio 

    Magdalena Nowicka Mook (USA)
    ICF CEO, 
    ex officio 

Additional ICF Statements

  • ICF Statement Supporting a Peaceful Solution in Ukraine

    The International Coaching Federation (ICF) condemns in the strongest possible terms any military aggression that is unprovoked and unjustified. As an organization, our Core Values support the importance of a humane, equitable society that is respectful towards others, deploring the loss of life and human suffering.

  • ICF Coaching Education Stand on Social Justice

    We, at ICF Coaching Education, celebrate and honor diversity. We commit to inspiring and holding accountable coach training institutions to provide safe learning spaces that are inclusive and fair for all faculty, staff and coach-students to thrive. We do so in alignment with the overarching one ICF commitment to place diversity, inclusion, belonging, and justice at the forefront of everything we do.

    Submitted by the ICF Coaching Education Advisory Committee on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice and
    Belonging (DEIJB).

    ICF Coaching Education Resource Guide on Diversity and Inclusion for Coach Trainers & Educators

    Through the hard and diligent work of special and advisory committees, ICF Coaching Education has created a resource guide on diversity and inclusion for coach trainers and educators. This guide is a continuously-evolving resource, and we look forward to future iterations with input from all coach-training programs and providers. Download the most up-to-date version of the resource guide below.

  • ICF's Statement on the Destructive Impacts of Violence

    The International Coaching Federation​ (ICF) is committed to a vision of a thriving society around the globe​. We believe that​ ​coaching ​can help ​realize this vision by unlocking people’s potential and breaking down the barriers between us. When people can show up as their full selves, vulnerable and fully present, this is a gift that ​moves us forward and toward a more peaceful, loving and equitable society.

    Violence of any kind is contrary to what ICF and coaching strive for—a thriving, healthy, cooperative human society. We condemn all acts of violence against race, religion, gender or any other aspect of diversity.

    ICF stands in solidarity with all those who face assaults on their human rights.  This moment of challenge must be a time to uphold dignity for all. We remain committed to our statement of placing diversity, inclusion, belonging and justice at the forefront of every decision we make within our Association and calling for consistent action against violence and discrimination.

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